Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is gonna be bleeping HARD.

Rude awakening: week one of Operation New Amy complete. Full time work (actually, OVERTIME this week, first week of 12 credits of classes (and they each said they assign an hour of homework for each day of the week), and new goals at the gym. I've gone straight from work, to the gym, to school every day. Or to the library if I didn't have class. I'm gonna be one sleepy puppy this semester.
It's going well, for the most part; but GEESH. These kids are babies at my community college. And they take notes on PHONES. I, on the other hand, just bought my first MP3 player 2 weeks ago. A friend told me they were now on MP4's and I believed him... totally asked the guy at Best Buy about it. At least he got his laugh for the day.
On the health side of things, I'm good! My weigh in on Monday was 205.25. The week before it was 206.75, so it's only 1/25 lbs - but I'll take it! I'm putting on muscle as well through my strength training. The important thing is that I can SEE the difference in the way my clothes fit.
What's your body type? I was always very CURVY on my bottom half, and small and trim on top. Bootylicious, you might say. Well, at about the 180 mark, I started putting it on in places I wasn't used to; my belly, my boobs, my arms. At about 200, it starts ALL going straight to the belly. So that's the first thing that's been shrinking. Score!
I've been to the gym every day this week, but tuesday I only walked for 20 minutes. Yesterday I pushed myself farther than I have yet - 33 minutes on the arc trainer. I burned 400 freakin' calories on that thing. I'm an animal!!!
Anyhow, I don't know that I'll be able to blog regularly... but I'm reading your posts every couple days. It's my break from my hectic new life....

so thank you for that, my blogging girlies. :)


  1. You are a busy girl!! Make sure to take some time to breathe!!

    My shape is apple like but on one website they called it a pineapple! Either way I am straight up and down with a tummy problem! I gots chunk rolls to spare.

  2. I gave you an award on my blog. :-)

  3. Me too! I nominated you for a blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  4. 1.5 pounds is awesome...but to me loose clothes are even better - congrats!