Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cats Are Playing Tricks!

My cats are scheming, I think.

Last night, I took a good, long, hot shower. Hubby was gone. I was singing away, eyes clothes, lathering the shampoo into my hair, and suddenly something LUNGED INTO ME. I screamed. I slipped. I did an awkward slow-motion slide/fall into the wall. Soap was in the eyes. Claws were in my flesh. My cat was frantically flying around the tub trying to find a way out around the shower curtain.

Never again will I forget to latch that bathroom door securely.

THEN, last night, I woke up and felt a lifeless body next to me. My two kitties ALWAYS sleep at my feet. And also, to set up the background story, my friend had just told me a story today about a friend of hers who lost her precious baby to SIDS. Now, I am not a mother, and to lose a child to SIDS has to be one of the most tragic things in the world; I mean no disrespect to those who have gone through that horrible situation. I am, however, just making it clear that that was already weighing heavily on my mind all day. I felt in the dark and my hands felt a lifeless little furry body, laying on it's back with it's legs limp and splayed. I rubbed her belly. I flapped her back legs around. I shook her and started squealing and yelling at her. Nothing. I was sure my lil' wildcat was gone. I flew over to the light switch, turned it on, and looked at the bed. She lazily lifted her head, looked at me, and then ran out the door. Cruel.

Anyway, my weekly update! I was wholeheartedly expecting a gain this week. I had ice cream. Yesterday, I had a huge apple dumpling. I ate fried potatoes.

The verdict? A 2.4 lb loss!! That puts me at 208.5. 4.5 more lbs, and I'll be back at my "returned from China" weight!

I should give myself credit, though. I ate Fiber One cereal everyday with fruit and almond milk. Lunches were salads or vegan brown rice/bean/cheese burritos and raw veggies. Dinners were mostly spaghetti squash, omelettes, baked chicken, lentil soup.... good stuff. I just snacked poorly.

Anywho, I have been running myself ragged all week. Finals in a couple weeks; I have tons of projects and papers to write. I'm going to NOT DO MORE TONIGHT. I'm ready to settle into a bubble bath with my laptop playing an episode of Army Wives.

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