Sunday, April 3, 2011

One more month!

If I can just survive for one more month, the craziness of this schedule will be over; and I'll be on my way to the Caribbean!

One thing that I'd like to do once classes end is blog more. I don't have time to read all of the blogs I follow, and I have even less time to comment. It's no wonder I talk to my lonesome here all the time; I don't do my part! All relationships, including bloggie ones, go two ways. I'm excited to put some more time into things here, make new friends, learn from others, and find another source of strength.

I've changed my WW meetings to fridays during my lunch at work. Two other women in my office go, so I wanted to find some people to go through the journey with. I never updated on friday, but I'm another 2 lbs down! That's 12 lbs since I started. It's not what I'd originally hoped, but I've realized how happy I am moving at the pace I'm going. It isn't even that difficult. I weighed in at 210.8 this week. Hopefully, we'll get down another 2 lbs this week!

Food had been good. This week I switched up my breakfasts. Instead of oatmeal every day, I had Fiber One with blueberries and almond milk. It is seriously like dessert to me; I am realizing that breakfast just might be my favorite meal of the day!

I've also realized the amazingness of Costco. I loaded up this week on convenience foods to get me through the next month; laughing cow wedges, arnold's thins, organic frozen burritos (with brown rice!), hummus, lots of veggies, cereal, almond butter, yogurt.... it was amazing.

This week I ate a lot of produce. I nursed a huge pot of veggie soup all week, along with raw carrots, celery, broccoli, and green beans, baked chicken breast, burritos, cereal, pink lady apples, greek yogurt, spaghetti squash, lentils... deliciousness.

Anyway, I've gotta come up with a constitutional amendment and write 10 pages supporting it. Geesh.

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