Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attempting to bake a cake.

How's that for a diet blog title? No, really. I'm trying. I corrupt anything that touches my oven. I can't bake cookies. I can't bake bread. I can't bake muffins. But tomorrow is a pool party, and I was asked to bring dessert. I could have thrown together a fruit salad; but that's not what those boys want. So I'm gonna try to make this... and I'm gonna have one piece.

I'm feeling better. Doesn't the 24 hour flu just baffle you? It come on hard and fast, and leaves just as fast. Sounds like a metaphor...

Today was an odd eating day. I had broth for breakfast. Soup for lunch. Dinner, pita bread and hummus. Lots of it. I finally got my appetite back, and the only thing it was screaming was "HUMMUS! HUMMUS! HUMMUS!!!"

Any of y'all animal people? Because I feel the need to share about my two babies.

Wila (pronounced Veela... she's named after a mythical Polish fairy) is a 2 year old maine coon cat. We rescued her from the shelter. She's GORGEOUS. Fluffy, delicate, dainty. She eats like a mouse. She has the softest fur imaginable. And she's a lover; but she's never sat on our laps. She likes the spot right next to us, where she can purr away, and head butt our hands until we lightly tug the hair behind her ears. She loves that. She's small; at least compared to the huge boy cats I grew up with! She has a small, high pitched voice that sounds like a song. She's sweet, laid back, and perfectly well-behaved.

Mei Mei (Little Sister) is a terror. She's 6 months old now, and all of 6 lbs. She's gray, with white paws and a white chin. She has raccoon stripes on her tail. She likes to eat hummus when I'm not looking. She liks to pull straws out of your cups. She likes to chase Wila around mercilessly, and chew on your toes when you start drifting off. She eats like a cow. She constantly walks right in between your feet so that you step on her 5 times in the hallway. When she meows, it sounds like a big man cat. When she purrs, she sounds like she's missing her muffler.

How is it possible to love these two cats equally? Yet I do. Are you a cat person?


  1. Hi Amy Jo. That description of your first cat is so interesting to me. My mom has a cat she adores, and he is at least part Maine Coon, and he is also very loving, but does not want to sit on her lap.

    Enjoy a piece of cake for me!

  2. I adore my beautiful, all black kitty! Her name is Maya and she will be 13 in a month. However, she is the biggest bitch. I actually call her the spawn of Satan. Her attitude enters the room hours before she actually makes an appearance. She dislikes humans, the dog, the air, you name it but she loves me and I love her, attitude and all.