Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Beach-ready!

I have been asked to be a bridemaid in a good friend's wedding in *gasp* Thailand!! I'm geeked beyond belief. The friends were our closest friends while in China, and are now traveling to the beach to get married in the sand and celebrate with BBQ and drinks with umbrellas in them. Heaven, no?
Besides the obvious upsides to this invitation (a trip to Koh Lanta and Ko Phi Phi, the beach where.. "The Beach" was filmed, and the fact that I am so honored and flattered to be asked) there is another perk. A goal!!
I have 3 months to get my body in beach-ready shape. This morning, I was 199. I hope to be 185 by the trip. Definitely doable!
This morning began with a trip to the gym at 6:00am for a 30 minute workout on the eliptical and then a 1/2 mile walk/run on the track (I'm going to try to work up to 2 miles). Now I'm off to the office for 9 hours, and then Zumba if I feel up to it.
I also have dishes to wash, pumpkins to carve, dinner to cook, and laundry to do. So we'll see what falls by the wayside. But you know what? I woke up and worked out, so it won't be exercise :)
Have a fantastic fall day, folks. The trees are turning and the wind smells like bonfires and wet leaves. Man, I love fall.

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