Wednesday, October 19, 2011


That's what they call me. That's right; I bowled today. And I brought my A game. Score of 77, what what!!!
I suppose I just need more practice.
This week I've done zumba, spinning, and cardio kickboxing (and bowling, of course!). I feel... sore. But great.
When fall arrives in Michigan, people start to slow down. It starts to get dark sooner, so people don't go out as much. It gets cold, so people huddle inside. It's the season for crock pot meals, the beginnings of the carb-heavy eating that winter brings. Hubby and I retire to the couch and watch lots of Star Trek in the winter (his pick). We are also slowly working through Mad Men (love!).
I have two cats. Two wonderful, troublesome, lovely cats. Do you know what they do in the fall? They wake up. All summer long they lay around and nap. But when fall comes, they get downright spunky. They pounce on hangers. They nip at my toes in the morning to get me to feed them. They chase each other up and down the hallway for hours.
I've decided that this fall/winter, I'm gonna pretend to be a cat.

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