Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ah, Geez.

Today? Epic fail. Well, not epic. But considering it's only day three, I feel pretty darn bad about today's dinner.

The rest of my day was great.

Breakfast: oats with banana and blueberries
snack: Activia
lunch: Lean Cuisine (butternut squash ravioli w/veggies), 1 cup baby carrots
snack: Apple

And then? Skipped the gym. There was a horrid thunderstorm going on, and I didn't wanna go. I found a new workout in my Fitness magazine I wanted to try at home, anyway. So I drove home, walked in, and found hubby dripping from his walk home from the Zoo. Apparently the zoo closes when the rest of the day is gonna be a freak storm... go figure! So he got out of work early. And let me know that we were going out to dinner for his uncle's b-day. Not a problem, I wanted to see the fam... but what to do?

The restaurant was Carrabba's. Texan/Italian. What, you say? Yep. Texan. Italian. NOTHING seemed healthy. I settled on a dish with grilled chicken, and noodles tossed with EVOO, basil, and crushed tomatoes. Not too bad! I only hate about 1/3 of it. Good girl, I bet you're thinking...

but I ate bread. Sweet heavens I ate bread. Too much. I'm stuffed.

I probably didn't have more than about 2000 calories today. But with no working out, and no diet, I feel like I took a serious step back. Time to step right back into my good girl shoes, eh? I felt good about myself today. The exercise really is what I've been missing. I diet all the time and fail. But spending an hour a day doing exercise immediately made me feel looser and more relaxed. And I've slept like a log two nights in a row - I NEVER do that!

Tomorrow is a normal work day, and then a movie with friends and fam. Should be a good time. I'm gonna try to work with it and do what I can to make smart choices.

Was there a moment you can pinpoint where you began to get fat, or to lose your control with eating? Was it gradual? Tomorrow I have a post planned about this. I've done a lot of digging in the deep depths of my dreary past to try to find out what makes me tick. It's hard core, I tell ya.

I leave you with more China pictures... just cuz.

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  1. Yum, the butternut squash is my fave lean cuisine.

    It sounds like you still had a great day - life is going to happen, so things aren't always going to go the way you plan them. It sounds like you made great decisions to help balance it out.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh - and I guess the point I knew I was getting fat was when I kept having to buy new clothes because I looked like a stuffed sausage in all my other ones. :(