Monday, July 26, 2010

Slept through the alarm.

This morning started as a whirlwind. I woke up to soft sunlight streaming in my window. For a moment, I was confused. Why would the sun be so bright at 5:30 am? Then my sleepy haze lifted and I bolted out of bed. It was about 7:00 - the exact time I'm supposed to be walking into the office.

In a matter of 10 minutes I dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my food, and fed my angel and my she-devil (I mean cats).

I hate mornings like that. I didn't get a shower. I felt disheveled. I forgot to bring my gym shoes so I could work out after work. But the day went alright. It was weigh in day, so I ate very light. Fage for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch.

Weight? 209.6 lbs. Down 3 pounds from my TOPS meeting last week! My goal for this week is 2.6 lbs, so I will be at 207 next week. I'm gonna have to work!

Dinner tonight was random. A lean cuisine pizza for dinner, along with cherries. Dessert was an 80 calorie pudding cup. I'm now relaxing with a glass of rice milk. My calories are low today, but I'm not feeling like cramming them in at the end of the day.

I'm having a freak out day. Am I really starting a full course load of college classes in a month? Along with working 40+hours a week? Wow. I hope the business helps me LOSE weight, not gain. I've got to stay strong.


  1. Ugh - I hate mornings like that. Here's hoping tomorrow you feel the alarm. Nice loss by the way!

  2. Wow I don't envy you balancing work and school. I did it myself a few years ago. Just remember to plan! Great work on that loss!