Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A guy named Patty

The other day, I called a local gym to find out some information (this is, in fact, the gym I later decided to join. The line rang, and then someone picked up and greeted me with a very low, masculine voice. He said...

_____ Fitness, this is Patty"

Really? Is this a thing? Do guys really go by Patty? It makes me think of a certain Johnny Cash song....

Anyway, Today went swimmingly! Work was same old, same old. I swear, that lil' cube is gonna be the death of me. Good thing I have some fun coworkers (aka partners in crime) around me or I think I'd simply fade into the nothingness of all those sheets of paper and paperclips.

After work, I hiked my flabby-but-optimistic booty to the gym and worked out for an HOUR! Again! I walked/jogged for 50 minutes (okay, mostly walked) and managed 3.5 miles. I also tried my luck for 10 minutes on another piece of machinery... I believe Kath refers to it as a squirrelliptical :) Honestly, that's all that was in my head. I don't know the real name for the darn thing. But I liked it! Much better than the ol' fashioned elliptical trainers. It seemed like a more natural gait.

When I got home, I showered and fixed dinner. Do any of y'all have as many issues with making omelets as I do? (or with spelling omelet?). I blame it on the pan. Always the pan. Anyway, I gave up and made an "egg scramble" of my omelet ingredients. It was really yummy.

Meals for the day:

first breakfast: peach activia yogurt

second breakfast: 1/2 cup old fashioned oats with 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup blueberries

lunch: stuffed cabbage lean cuisine, 1 cup baby carrots

afternoon snack: orange

after-workout snack: apple

dinner: egg scramble (crumbled turkey burger, spinach, lowfat cream cheese), steamed snow peas, and 1 piece whole wheat bread

dessert: 60 calorie chocolate pudding and 1 cup sweet cherries

I followed this perfectly. And it was all delicious!

Final calorie count: 1498 calories

I'm feeling good these days. Things are up in the air, but I have my hope back, as well as my zest for life. I'm enjoying exercise, housework, friends, family, blogging, pampering myself (nail polish, lotion, foot scrubs, etc.), and looking forward to starting the next chapter in the fall. I'll be working full time, and going back to school full time.

I am woman. Hear me roar. :)

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I was talking about this today at work with the two lovely ladies that sit in the Cave with me (aka the "back room"). Ideas thrown out were veterinarian.. writer... marine biologist... psychologist. It's amazing how as kids, we always have such lofty goals. We don't think about the money it will cost for school. Or the time it takes. We cared simply about what we saw making us happy.

I grew up too quickly. I started making the "rational" decisions. Set school aside so hubby can finish. You're married now - you need new friends. You are a wife; you should be cooking, dressing older, etc. My early 20's were consumed by working in an office and sitting at home watching tv in the evenings. What was I THINKING?!

I'm trying to fill my life with a little bit more now. School will be hard. But when it's done, my options are much more open. And I'll take pride in the accomplishment. My weekends are spent doing things. This weekend, we're getting together with some other crazy mid-20's to watch an old cheesy movie and make fun of it. Saturday will be spent at the race track with my sister, Mom, and Dad. Formula One racing... I've never been, but we'll see how it goes!!

Anywho, your wonderful posts from today are calling, and I must answer. Cheers!

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