Saturday, June 5, 2010

Festival of the Arts

Today was a good day. I didn't have a rockstar day diet-wise, but it wasn't a total bust!

Here's what I ate today:

breakfast: Carnation instant breakfast and an apple
lunch: spinach pie (at the Bosnian stand at the festival)
dinner: protein shake (banana, strawberries, whey protein powder, soy silk yogurt, milk, and flax seed)
snacks: cherries, carrots, whole wheat pita with hummus, jr. mints. That last one was my downfall - I went to the movies, and slipped.

This morning I woke up and went grocery shopping. I bought some good, healthy stuff while I was there; I'm actually excited to eat it all. Let's hope I pace myself.

This afternoon we went to the festival. We watched some bands, wandered, and had lunch. Mostly, I enjoy the people watching. We walked to and from the festival, which was probably about 3 miles total (almost all uphill one way!). It began to rain, so we went to a movie, "Letters to Juliet". It was cutesy, but a bit cheesy. Nice and light!

I decided I'm going to post a picture from China each time I write on my blog. We're starting with the food, though, because I wanna. The first one I posted (in my last post) was one of my very favorite dishes. In this post, I'm going to add julienne cut potatoes. It's spicy-sour due to the peppers and vinegar. It always settled my stomach somehow. I love love LOVE it!

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  1. How is carnation instant breakfast? I've been curious to start having a healthier lunch and I always thought that weekdays it would work out really well for me to have some kind of shake or something as my lunch...but I never know which one to try!