Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long day.

Today was long. long. long. I'm plum tuckered out, and fighting a SERIOUS case of the munchies. I ate up all my strawberries, and all the leftover carrots. So I'm left with the things I'm avoiding, because they are NO GOOD for me. But I'm staying strong. Strong. Strong... strong? *bleh*

After work today, I picked up my kitty from the vet. Her poor little white paws are tinged red from her declawing surgery, and her belly is shaved, with a wound down the middle. How could I do that to my poor baby? But she'll be fine. She's konked out next to me.

After getting the kitten, I picked up my mom from school. Yes, I realize that sounds odd. But she's hit a rough patch. After losing her house a couple years ago, she had a huge flare up with her Crohn's disease. That has finally gotten better due to a great new treatment, but then she lost her job. She's now going to school for medical assisting, something she's always wanted to do. Last week, her car broke down. Living on unemployment and paying her Cobra so she can keep her prescriptions covered means there's no room for a new car in the budget. So for awhile, I'll be helping her out. That's what any daughter would do for her favorite mom, right? :)

Upon arriving home at 7:00, I found the hubby wandering outside - he was locked out! He's now sound asleep (he's working 2 jobs this summer, and one of them is 11:00pm - 3:00am) and I'm finally relaxing. I don't know what's up with me... I'm feelin' stressed!

I had some good eats today. An apple, strawberries, carrots, snap peas, rice and beans, a smoothie, a whole grain waffle, and a cup of half chocolate soymilk/half skim milk. The chocolate is just too much.

I checked my email today and found that I had a new one from a student. It almost brought me to tears...

Dear Amy
I very miss you every day. Today I am happy. I am going to Shanghai. What are you doing? I miss you are my teacher. I miss your pretty hair. I miss you every day.


How sweet is that? Coming from a 4th grader? She is so limited in her language, but her thoughts and feelings show through. I didn't expect to miss China as much as I do. Homesickness for the U.S was nothing compared to what I feel when I think about China. I cry at least every other day when I think about a student, or a friend, or a special place. I hope this gets easier.

You don't realize how crazy the U.S is until you've been away. I had no bills. Here, I HAVE to have a phone. I have to have gas, electric, a car, an apartment, student loans, etc. Everything revolves around money. Money I need to spend, money I don't have.... it puts so much stress on life. I miss being care free. I miss not worrying about "things" and simply taking in life. I need to find a balance here in Michigan. I need to find something... more.

I'm going to post some pics. I'm not going to post explanations... because I think they speak for themselves. If you take some time, and study them, I know you will find in them at least a little of what I find so special.

Happy wednesday.

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  1. Amy Jo, the whole thing about 'needing' more and being less satisfied with life. I think about it a lot, and hopefully I am learning to live a bit more simply. It is difficult to fight 'the way it is' though.

    LOVE your China pics!