Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Day of School - Epic Fail.

My semester starts today. Well, yesterday, technically - but only my online class, and I can do that anytime before next friday. What kind of college starts classes on a friday?!

Anywho, I'm taking 4 classes (13 credits). On saturdays, I'm taking Spanish 102. My instructor last semester told me "you use the same book next semester; don't worry about buying anything more". So I didn't. I checked online this morning, seeing as I'm going to class in an hour, and it says that I needed to buy a course pack for the semester - and have the first section completed before class today. Nope. Didn't do it. Don't even HAVE it. What a great way to start the semester. The bookstore isn't open - darn. I'll just have to be a slacker for the day, I suppose. At least I'm ahead of the doofusses that are always there on the first day going "My book will be here soon. I ordered it on Amazon last night".

I have a busy day today, so I'm posting my eating plan now. If it changes, I'll let ya know! I have class, followed by homework, cleaning, laundry, taking down the Christmas stuff, and then dinner at a steakhouse for my Grandma's 80th birthday!

breakfast: oatmeal. This was a fail as well. I accidentally bought quick oats at the store yesterday instead of old fashioned. Ick. So pasty and mooshy. Anyway, I then stirred in almond butter and 1 TSP of chocolate chips. It turned out horribly. I ate less than half and chucked it. I'm now noshing on an apple with cinnamon on it. YUM!
lunch: again... split pea soup. :)
dinner: (via online menu for the restaurant) 6 oz sizzler, sweet potato, steamed broccoli
snacks: grapefruit, another apple, glass of milk.

Now it's time to be a good little student and go attack that Espanol! Hasta la vista!!!

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