Friday, January 7, 2011

Ham Bones Are Creepy.

Today was glorious. You want to know why? Because I thoroughly enjoyed an average day. Yep - today was just average. And wonderful.

I had the day off of work today, just because. I woke up naturally at 9:00, which is 4 hours later than normal! I was refreshed and energized. I immediately chopped veggies and through the ingredients into my crock pot for homemade split pea soup. Leftover ham bones are amazing!

After getting ready for the day, I went to school and bought books for this semester. $390 later, I left and went to the grocery store. I stocked up on healthy fare for the next week. Salad fixin's, frozen meals, grapefruit, apples, cheese.

I walked into the door and smelled the soup. Mmmmm. I put things away and settled into the couch with an apple, string cheese, and my computer. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, watching Shutter Island, my daily date with Jillian Michaels, and preparing food for next week; lots of chopping!!

I feel strong. It sounds wierd, but it's odd using my muscles. I turn a corner, and I can feel my abs flex. I squat to pick something up, and I feel it in my calves; not pain, just... use. It's no wonder everything was harder a few weeks ago. My muscles weren't being used, and they had shrunk and gotten into quite a funk! Standing up straight was hard. I tended to walk with my toes pointed a bit out, because it was easier than holding them in. I feel GOOD.

We booked our excursions for our cruise. I'm getting soooo excited. Visiting Mayan ruins in Costa Maya, snuba in Roatan, Honduras, zip-lining and cave tubing in Belize City, and swimming with dolphins in Cozumel. This is gonna be a long 5 months, I tell you.

Today I ate the same meal twice. Deal w/it. It was delicious.

I ate 37 points... oops! One over what I should have. I guess it wasn't hard today!

breakfast: Carnation Instant Breakfast
lunch: Split pea soup (croutons on top)
dinner: Soup again. No croutons.
snacks: apple, grapefruit, string cheese, plain air popped popcorn, 2 TSP semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies. Keep your chins up!!!

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