Thursday, January 6, 2011


Is it supposed to be hard to hit your Points Plus for the day? With the new system, I'm supposed to reach 36 points a day. And it's HARD! I feel like I'd have to eat too much, or too much unhealthy stuff.

Most veggies (all except the starchy ones) are zero points.
ALL fruit is zero points.

I think it's gonna take awhile to get accustomed to this. I also think I need to go to the store. Here's my eats for the day:

breakfast: Oatmeal with walnuts, almond butter, and butterscotch chips

snack: yogurt

lunch: Healthy Choice Portabella Parmesan Risotto

snack: 100 calorie pack

dinner:2 eggs fried in PAM, mashed taters with just salt and pepper, and mixed veggies. Random, I know. Hey - it's what I had available.

snack: 3 cups airpopped popcorn with 1 TSP of semisweet chocolate chips and 1 TSP butterscotch chips tossed in while still hot.

before bed: 1 cup skim milk spiked with 1/2 cup Rice Nog

All of that is 34 points. I need 36. I even threw the chocolate and butterscotch in just because I was short! And if I fill myself with more fruits and veggies, it will still be zero points. I already had whole grains in two of my three meals. I guess maybe... cheese? I want my diet to be as natural and healthy as possible. I don't want to just eat the leftovers in chocolate or crackers!

swear I'm skinnier today. I always lose it in the belly first. My pants are looser today, and I just feel like it's flatter. Still not flat... but flatter.

I'd keep writing, but I don't wanna. Hubby and I are watching Die Hard, and my kitty is trying to get me to move the laptop so that she can sit on my lap. Have a fabulous friday!

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  1. Hello, a new follower here. :)

    I would increase your protein intake. That should help you with getting all your points in and you really should eat protein with every meal. Good Sources of protein include:
    egg whites
    lean beef
    peanut butter (but watch this as it's high calories and fat)

    Also instead of doing a 100 calorie pack I would do a better snack like maybe a hard boil egg and a low fat string cheese OR an apple with peanut butter.

    Hope this helps :)
    Look forward to following your blog!