Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, Darn It.

Weigh in this week? Gained .4 lbs.

How'd that happen? Long story. I ate well. REALLY well... with the exception of last saturday, when I ate my weight in hummus on my anniversary. But I also haven't done my 30 Day Shred, because we have contractors building a new bathroom in our apartment and they've taken over every room in the stinking place with their tools, tiles, bags, etc. No place to move :(

So I was dissapointed. But again, I'm movin' forward! Hubby said that he thinks I'm putting on mad muscle or something, because I'm looking visibly leaner in the tummy area. Booh yah!

Anywho... I have to get to the office. This week has been exhausting. 14 credits of classes, and I'm on 6 hours of overtime at work. Cheers to this workweek being OVER!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man I could so eat my weight in hummus too! Totally addicted to that stuff. Great job on the positive attitude! You're hubby is most likely right ;)