Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Points Plus, Anyone?

Yet another attempt at weight loss... I've officially joined the Weight Watchers cult. I've heard great things, and honestly, I need help. I've got 5 months to get in fighting shape for a cruise with my hubby in the Western Caribbean. Our last cruise was on our honeymoon, nearly 6 years ago. And I was 70 lbs lighter. Now, I'm not gonna expect to lose 70 lbs in 5 months.

But I do plan on weighing 180 lbs. That's 44 lbs in 5 months. 2.2 lbs a week. Ya get what I'm sayin'? I've gotta kick it in gear.

I've got my work cut out for me, seeing as I work full time in an office, sitting on my butt. The rest of my time is taken up as a full time student; sitting in class, sitting at school waiting for class, sitting at home doing homework. I need to be diligent with the time I have on the weekends; grocery shopping, food prep, housework; and I plan on sticking with my workout video in the morning before work. I can do it!!

Hey, do you remember MADD? Mothers Against Drunk Driving? They called me today. And it was a dude.

"Excuse me, could you spare a moment of your time? This is not an attempt to collect a donation." - Dude

"Only if it's very quick." - Me

"It is." Dude. He then proceeded to prattle on relentlessly about drunk kids and drunk driving and drunk mothers and drunk hamsters. The dude went on forever.

"Excuse me, sir, but I'm in the middle of dinner. I need to go." - Me

"That's why I asked if you had a minute. You said yes." - Dude. He then hung up on ME!

The nerve.

Anyway, today I finished day 4 of the 30 Day Shred. Here's my eats:

breakfast: oatmeal (with walnuts, PB, and butterscotch chips)
snack: yogurt
lunch: Sesame Chicken Healthy Choice Meal
snack: 100 Calorie pack
dinner: Pasta Primavera frozen dinner (I know... normally I don't eat two in a day. But I was busy.)
snack: grapefruit
drinks: 1 coffee, 5 glasses water, 1 glass of skim milk spiked with rice nog.

Points Plus? (the new program)..... 32 points. 4 less than daily allotment. :)


  1. I sit a lot as well. I am so glad that our lecturers record the lectures. I listen to them in the car, on the bike, while running... less time on my arse for study time later!

  2. Ew, about the guy who called you. That's so rude!! My exercise ball that I sit on has been my saving grace to sitting all day. I can kinda bounce and move around, which is pretty cool!