Friday, January 28, 2011


Hard day today.

A wonderful, sweet older woman that I work with was let go. She was like a grandmother. I shared an office with her, and she encouraged me every day. She kept me on track with my diet. She counseled me in love and marriage. She shared her faith and her love with me; and she was cheated. I don't want to go into details... but needless to say, I had a hard day. After they pulled her out for a meeting, and then returned with a box and boxed up her things for her, I wept a little but mostly held myself together. I soon got up and went to the bathroom to dab my eyes and put my head in my hands for a couple minutes. Once my eyes had dried and my breathing had calmed down, I stood up to exit the stall and heard a splash. My ID badge and security card had fallen in the toilet.

I instantly let out a sob and the river flowed.

Talk about bottling things up....

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